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Do you wear the Green like a well-fitting cloak, with all the flair and panache of one who’s confident and comfortable with your Gaelic blood (even if it’s but a wee drop of blood)?

Keep in mind that being Irish is as much a matter of the heart as it is of the blood. You may be more an Erin’s Child than you think.

Because I write so much about the Irish and Irish Americans, many of my readers often send me questions about Ireland or the Irish. This section of the web site is devoted to answering some of those questions and providing a glimpse into some of the interests expressed by you, my readers, about all things Irish.

Click on any of the following sub-page links to view more information, or visit BJ’s For the Love of the Irish Pinterest Board:

Irish Cooking

Movies with an Irish connection

Irish Names and their English Equivalents

Interesting Irish Trivia

Famous Irish Americans


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