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The Song of Erin by BJ HoffThe Song of Erin

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The mysteries of the past confront the secrets of the present in the magnificent Song of Erin saga.

In the Song of Erin, BJ Hoff spins a panoramic story that crosses the ocean from Ireland to America, and features two of her most memorable characters: Jack Kane, the charming but ruthless titan of New York’s most powerful publishing empire, who battles the darkness of his soul while fighting to help his people. And Samantha Harte, the woman he loves, whose grace, light, and well-bred exterior conceals a past too shocking to reveal.

Originally published as two separate books nearly a decade ago, this new edition combines Ashes and Lace and Cloth of Heaven into one epic, unforgettable volume.

Reader Reviews:
“…a brilliant saga that powerfully depicts the struggle and uncompromising faith of an entire people who helped build America.” -Christian Retailing

Older versions of these two books may still be available at online booksellers, so we’ve also included their cover art and excerpts below.

Ashes and Lace by BJ Hoff

Ashes and Lace (Book 2)

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Invisible Div Bar

Invisible Div Bar

Invisible Div Bar

The Cloth of Heaven by BJ Hoff Cloth of Heaven (Book 1)

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